Projects for Peace: The Vision of Kathryn W. Davis

"My challenge to you is to bring about a mind-set of preparing for peace, instead of preparing for war."

Davis Fellows for Peace 2013

Name Year of Fellowship School Area of Interest
Leora Abelson 2013 Hebrew Intercultural Understanding
Rachel Ackoff 2013 Hebrew Environmental Conservation
Ana Aguilera Silva 2013 Monterey Institute International Development
Shir Alon 2013 Arabic Interpreting
Nicholas Andrés Yepes 2013 Portugese International Development
Mitchell Bacci 2013 Arabic Intercultural Exchange
Rabea Benhalim 2013 Arabic International Law
Charmaine Benham 2013 Russian Literature
Casey Bischel 2013 Russian Journalism
Kevin Blankinship 2013 Arabic Education and Literature
Ashley Bonnell 2013 Arabic Humanitarian Aid
Blair Cameron 2013 Monterey Institute International Development
Hilary Carr 2013 Arabic Humanitarian Aid
Harry Chenault 2013 Arabic Education
Jennifer Chisholm 2013 Portugese Intercultural Understanding
Virginia Conn 2013 Chinese Education
Claire Davis 2013 Russian Human Rights
Peita Davis 2013 Arabica International Development
Katia Diaz 2013 Japanese Intercultural Understanding
Tiphani Dixon 2013 Japanese Intercultural Understanding
Sumire Doi 2013 Monterey Institute Human Rights
David Doss 2013 Arabic Intercultural Understanding
Brandon Ernst 2013 Chinese Education and International Development
Daniel Etter 2013 Arabic Journalism
Silvia Ferreira 2013 Arabic Literature
Claire Fisher 2013 Russian International Development
Thomas Friedenbach 2013 Russian Diplomacy
Jessica Fujimori 2013 Japanese Journalism
Max Gelber 2013 Chinese Education
Jayson Gilbert 2013 Portugese Education
Eugenia Goh 2013 Russian International Relations
Shay Hazkani 2013 Arabic Journalism
Will Heilbut 2013 Portugese Peace Building
Martha Horohoe 2013 Chinese Education
Jonathan Howard 2013 Portugese Peace Building
Zuzana Hudáková 2013 Arabic International Relations
Aaron Huff 2013 Russian International Development
Michael Hughes 2013 Portugese Education
Misbah Hyder 2013 Arabic Humanitarian Aid
Bart Johnsen-Harris 2013 Arabic Environmental Conservation
Matthew Johnson 2013 Russian Peace Building
Juliana Jordan 2013 Russian Arts and Intercultural Understanding
Anna Jozwik 2013 Arabic Humanitarian Aid
Jia Jun Lee 2013 Monterey Institute Geography and Sociology
Samuel Kareff 2013 Portugese Global Health
Jason Kelly 2013 Japanese History
Georgette Kennebrae 2013 Hebrew Religion
David King 2013 Chinese Linguistics and Intercultural Exchange
Chelsea Lalancette 2013 Chinese Policy
Olivia Lau 2013 Monterey Institute International Security
Jason Lesser 2013 Arabic Diplomacy
Sonam Lhaki 2013 Chinese Education
Amos Libby 2013 Arabic Education and Music
Anna Lillkung 2013 Monterey Institute International Security
Colin Machado 2013 Chinese Diplomacy
Joseph Maciunas 2013 Monterey Institute Social Entrepreneurship
Lauren Mandaville 2013 Hebrew Intercultural Exchange
Josseline Matute 2013 Monterey Institute International Development
Elizabeth McCarthy 2013 Monterey Institute Intercultural Understanding
Peter McNamee 2013 Portugese Security and Development
Phumelela Mdluli 2013 Monterey Institute Youth Leadership
Nate Millington 2013 Portugese Urban Design
Corrado Minardi 2013 Monterey Institute Intercultural Understanding
Guanpei Ming 2013 Hebrew International Relations
Teal Mingledorff 2013 Chinese Art and Activism
David Moore 2013 Portugese Energy Policy
Glenn Mott 2013 Chinese Journalism
Siddhesh Mukerji 2013 Russian Global Health
Sarah Nicholus 2013 Portugese Education
Vivian Ojo 2013 Monterey Institute Education and International Development
Johann Osbakk 2013 Monterey Institute Peace Building
Jeremy Osir 2013 Monterey Institute International Development
Diego Osorio 2013 Arabic Peace Building
Rachael Pasierowska 2013 Portugese History
Joanna Patouris 2013 Monterey Institute Human Rights
Alexandra Plassaras 2013 Japanese Peace Building
Ivan Radujko 2013 Hebrew Diplomacy
Shadi Rahimi 2013 Arabic Journalism and Human Rights
Kavi Ramburn 2013 Monterey Institute International Development
Nicholas Risteen 2013 Japanese Architecture and History
Thomas Rooks 2013 Chinese International Law
Garrett Rubin 2013 Arabic Education and Music
David Russell 2013 Arabic History
Essam Salem 2013 Arabic Education
Jesse Sargent 2013 Portugese History and Peace Building
Katherine Sargent 2013 Chinese History
Rumelle Scott 2013 Hebrew Religion and Intercultural Understanding
Shanoor Seervai 2013 Monterey Institute Political Science
Jasmine Segall 2013 Chinese International Development
Emily Sekine 2013 Japanese Geology
Peggy Sharkey 2013 Chinese Education
Savant Shrestha 2013 Monterey Institute International Development
Sara Shuman 2013 Portugese Public Health
Kyle Slugg 2013 Japanese Interpreting
Smirna Sinanovic 2013 Monterey Institute Social Entrepreneurship
Elise Stephens 2013 Russian Education
Annette Stotler 2013 Portugese Human Rights
Levi Stribling 2013 Chinese Education
Amber Taylor 2013 Hebrew Intercultural Understanding
Nathan Thrall 2013 Arabic Journalism
Elizabeth Tomlinson 2013 Russian International Development
Heske van Doornen 2013 Monterey Institute Intercultural Understanding
Evan Vander Schaaf 2013 Russian International Security
Ikram Vir Singh Kohli 2013 Monterey Institute International Security
Roberta Wall 2013 Hebrew Peace Building
Micah Weiss 2013 Hebrew Intercultural Understanding
Lauren Woodard 2013 Russian Peace Building
Lauren Woodard 2013 Russian International Development
Alwen Yeung 2013 Chinese Education
Tshering Yudon 2013 Japanese Humanitarian Aid
Lindsey Zemler 2013 Hebrew Activism and Education
Jun Zhao 2013 Chinese Education
Xiangyu Zhao 2013 Russian Environmental Conservation